Investors in People

Investors in People is a national standard which recognises an organisations commitment to delivering results through the investment in their people. The standard is used by many world class organisations and recognised for the positive effect this can achieve within any business.

Investing in the standard is a fantastic way of showing results through the levels of good practice and performance achieved through its people. With higher staff motivation and morale, lower staff turnover, improved absence and higher productivity, these are just a few of the positive results that can be achieved. With proven outcomes from organisations of continued growth and better management of people it is worth the time and investment to attain. Giving your organisation the edge on your competitors and improving the company image will go a long way to ensure future success.

Any company from as little as two employees can achieve the standard. The focus on people performance, business improvement and productivity are measured through a series of assessments. The principal of the standard is broken down into three principle areas which are:

The assessments are based around 10 key indicators. Within the indicators 39 evidence requirements will be taken. The key indicators are as follows:

  • Indicator 1 – Business Strategy
  • Indicator 2 – Learning and Development Strategy
  • Indicator 3 – People Management Strategy
  • Indicator 4 – Leadership and Management Strategy
  • Indicator 5 – Management Effectiveness
  • Indicator 6 – Recognition and Reward
  • Indicator 7 – Involvement and Empowerment
  • Indicator 8 – Learning and Development
  • Indicator 9 – Performance Measurement
  • Indicator 10 – Continuous Improvement

The assessment will be carried out by a serious of interviews with staff throughout the organisation. A section of Top Management, Management and People will be selected. Evidence will be required from the interviews covering all of the 10 Indicators.

By achieving and maintaining the standard the investment will be extremely valuable and worthwhile.

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